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Menu for Sun. 6/13

agua fresca  $3
fresh squeezed cara cara orange drink

tortilla chips  $5
house-made salsa

chicken wings  $12
sambal honey, blue dip

fried cauliflower  $10
sambal honey, blue dip

fried chicken sando  $13
sesame bun, sriracha aioli, pickled onion, cabbage slaw

spicy hot chicken sand  $15
sesame bun, sriracha aioli, cabbage slaw, house fermented hot sauce, picked onion

bbq chicken sando $13
sauerkraut, pickled onion

far west fungi mushroom tacos (2)  $13
arugula, avocado whip, pickled onion, sesame aioli, truffle oil

halibut tacos (2)  $15
cabbage slaw, pickled onion, sriracha aioli



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