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Available in 16-oz, 10-oz, or 3-oz pours
Beer Flight (choose six 3-oz pours) $11


Santa Cruz-style Berlinerweisse
4.4% ABV • 5 IBU
Cruzer Weisse is our Santa Cruz version of Berliner Weisse, the sour wheat beer from Northern Germany. Pleasantly tart and effervescent, Cruzer Weisse is the perfect thirst quencher, bringing a refreshing zing to your warm weather fun.


Shimmer Pils®
German-style Pilsner
5.3% ABV • 31 IBU
She has a shimmery depth, like light on the fathomless sea. Our brewer’s wife, Eileen, inspired the name of this beer. Shimmer Pils is a crisp and refreshing German-style Pilsner, a true lager with a balanced hoppiness.


Ten Million Flowers
Kolsch w/ Orange Peel & Honey
5.9% ABV • 23 IBU
Tens of millions of flowers were visited by local bees to make the honey that gives a taste of place and a dry finish to our Kolsch-style ale. Vinous esters mingle with a wisp of honey in the nose. The delicate malt flavor is gently accented with a touch of orange zest in this refreshing, food friendly beer.


1st Conversation
5.8% ABV • 21 IBU
“What are you drinking?”

That first conversation between new-found friends has to start somewhere.

Our Conversation Series, a line of Belgian-inspired beers, begins with this versatile saison. Malted barley, rye, and wheat are fermented with a farmhouse yeast strain that contributes fruity, citrusy, spicy notes.


Dublin Sunburn
Irish-style Red Ale
5% ABV • 19 IBU
We spent a week wandering around Dublin during a heatwave, and all the Dubliners were in the parks with their shirts off enjoying the feel of the sun on their skin. Day by day they’re walked through St. Stephens Green seeing redder and redder skin as everyone excitedly burned.  It was a sunburn celebration. This is a traditional Irish Red: malty with a wee bit ‘o hops for balance. Sláinte!


Mickie Malone’s
Irish-style Dry Stout (served on nitro)
4.8% ABV • 35 IBU
Mickie Malone’s Irish eyes were usually smiling. She had a kind heart and a smile that beamed. I miss you Mom; this one’s for you. Love, Michael.


Oh Black Lager
German-style Schwarzbier
5% ABV • 25 IBU
Oh Black Lager, Keep on Rollin’… The sound of the black lager happily burbling in the brew house brought this song to mind. Similar in style to a German Schwarzbier, this lager is dark brown in color with a roasted malt aroma and a lingering finish. Its flavor is malty and mellow with a slight roasty edge reminiscent of bitter chocolate.


Hazy IPA
6.3% ABV • 35 IBU
DeLa Hazy IPA celebrates Delaveaga Park’s world-renowned disc golf course where many of us spend our days off. The beer, soft and full on the palate, is dry-hopped with Citra and a little Amarillo. Aromas of resinous green pine evoke hilly fairways surrounded by pine forest. Juicy oranges, lemon candy, guava, and ripe mango spin and glide over the tongue with little fade. Cheers to tree love and birdies!


Cold Hands Warm Heart
Cold IPA
6.5% ABV • 45 IBU
This beer overflows with the citrusy, fruity, and dank flavors of a west coast IPA (thank you, Centennial, Simcoe, and Mosaic!), with a clean, dry body that takes its cues from a light lager. Each sip is crisp and hoppy and invites another.


Submarine Canyon
Meyer Lemon & Sea Salt IPA
5.7% ABV • 43 IBU
We all live by the Submarine Canyon, a Grand-Canyon-sized marvel beneath our Monterey Bay. The canyon walls descend into cold darkness, but weird and wonderful life abounds. In this IPA, fruity hop notes swim with whispers of Meyer lemon and sea salt. Every Submarine Canyon IPA sold supports the work of Save Our Shores.


Let Me Be Clear
West Coast IPA
6.8% ABV • 33 IBU
Let me be clear. I’m a West Coast IPA emphasizing hop character over bitterness. With classic Cascade hops contributing their unique citrus and floral notes, and Azacca and El Dorado offering tropical and stone fruits, bright aromas and flavors come shining through.


Uncle Dave’s IPA®
IPA with a Hint of Rye
6.5% ABV • 68 IBU
Is there anyone better to sit around a campfire with, telling stories, IPAs in hand? We think not. Cheers, Uncle Dave! Our Rye IPA has fruity/herbal hop aromas with a substantial supporting maltiness. The rye contributes a hint of peppery spice to this full bodied, complex IPA.


6th Conversation
Belgian-style Tripel
8.8% ABV • 25 IBU
“This is divinely delicious. Its effervescence makes me want to celebrate something, but it’s so majestic that I almost want to be all alone with it, thinking big thoughts.” They assumed she was paying attention only to the beer till she set her tiles down and said, “Triple word score.” “Nice,” was all they could respond. Everyone took another sip. Our Belgian-Style Tripel is unfiltered and golden in color. The aroma is full of fruity esters with a bit of spicy/grassy hops in the background. The flavor begins with a malty sweetness, then finishes with some warming alcohol and a moderately dry hop bitterness.


Good Faith®
Strong Ale
9% ABV • 55 IBU
Our old shepherd Faith would’ve made a great brewery dog, but she didn’t live quite long enough. (Dogs never do.) Here’s to her and to all the good dogs. Good Faith is a Strong Ale, with malt derived toffee and dried fruit notes.


Barrel-Aged Belgian Quad
11.7% ABV • 14 IBU
Rhombi are our favorite quadrilaterals. It’s also the name of our Belgian Quad that spent 9 months aging in Bourbon and Maple Syrup barrels. This decadent garnet-hued beer has notes of maple, toffee, and chocolate with a smooth bourbon-y finish. Belgian yeast lends subtle notes of baking spices along with hints of cherry and plum.


Barrel-Aged Good Faith
Strong Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels
12% ABV • 55 IBU
Our old shepherd Faith would’ve made a great brewery dog, but she didn’t live quite long enough. (Dogs never do.) Here’s to her and to all the good dogs. Our award-winning Strong Ale balances sweet toffee and dried fruit with oaky bourbon and vanilla notes from bourbon barrels.



12oz Cans
$6 to-go/$16 6-pack/$8 for-here

Uncle Dave’s IPA®  6.5%

Redwood Mountain Blonde®  5.5%

Good Faith® Strong Ale  9%


16oz Cans
$6 to-go/$22 4-pack/$8 for-here

*unless otherwise noted

Anniversary 2023 – Vienna Lager  5.6%

Cruzer Weisse – Santa Cruz-style Berliner Weisse  4.4%

Ten Million Flowers – Kolsch-style Ale w/ Orange Peel & Honey  5.9%

Neon Shine – Imperial Pilsner  7.1%

Cold Hands Warm Heart – Cold IPA  6.6%

Let Me Be Clear – West Coast IPA  6.8%

Submarine Canyon – Meyer Lemon & Sea Salt IPA  5.7%

DeLa – Hazy IPA  6.3%

Jugo Nuevo® – Hazy IPA  5.6%

Foggy Forest – Double IPA  8%
$6.50 to-go/$24 4-pack/$8.50 for-here

6th Conversation – Belgian-style Tripel  8.8%
$6.50 to-go/$24 4-pack/$8.50 for-here

Bay/Porter – Porter Ale  6.2%


19.2oz Cans
$5.50 to-go/$20 4-pack/$9 for-here

1st Conversation Saison  5.8%

Uncle Dave’s IPA®  6.5%

Shimmer Pils®  5.3%

Oh Black Lager® German-style Schwarzbier  5%

Scenic Stout  7%

Special Bottles & Cans

Captivate – Mixed Culture Saison (750ml bottle  6.6%)  $20

Margarita Road – Tequila Barrel-Aged Mexican-style Amber Lager (750ml bottle  6.2% $16 

Barrel-Aged Good Faith Strong Ale (500ml bottle  9.2%$17.50

Yestertimes – Old Ale (750ml bottle  9%$20

Rhombi – Barrel-Aged Belgian Quad (500ml bottle  11.7%$17.50

Ganders Red – Belgian Sour Red Ale (500ml bottle  8.2%)  $17.50

Three Fawns Bourbon Barrel-Aged Tripel (500ml bottle  9.5%)  $17.50

Wooden Ruler – Barrel-aged Imperial Stout (500ml bottle  13.3%$17.50

Contemplate Brett – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Brettanomyces (500ml bottle  7.6%$15

Contemplate Grapes – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Chardonnay Grapes (500ml bottle  8.4%$15

Contemplate Hops – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Jarrylo & Waimea hops (500ml bottle  7.7%$15


Hard Cider, Hard Kombucha & Wine

Soquel Dry Apple Cider (500ml bottle  7.7%$12.00

Santa Cruz Cider Company Hopped Apple Cider (12oz can  6.9%)  $7.50

Local Roots Hard Kombucha – Cali Mule (12oz can  6%)  $7.00

Local Roots Hard Kombucha – Purple Haze (12oz can  6%)  $7.00

WEST + WILDER Sauvignon Blanc (250ml Can  13%$9.95

WEST + WILDER Sparkling Rose (250ml Can  13%$9.95

WEST + WILDER Red Blend (250ml Can  13%$9.95


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Izze Soda  $2.75
Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice  $3.50
Verve Nitro Flash Brew Coffee (7.5oz)  $5.50
Verve Oatmeal Latte  $5.95
Verve Oatmeal Chocolate Latte  $5.95
Pellegrino  $5.95


Kegs To-Go
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