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Available in 16-oz, 10-oz, or 3-oz pours
Beer Flight (choose six 3-oz pours) $11


Raspberry Smile
Tart Raspberry Ale w/ Hibiscus
4.7% ABV • 9 IBU
Raspberries and hibiscus bring happy pink flavors and fruity aromas to this tart and refreshing beer. It tastes like a smile.


Shimmer Pils
German-style Pilsner
5.3% ABV • 31 IBU
She has a shimmery depth, like light on the fathomless sea. Our brewer’s wife, Eileen, inspired the name of this beer. Shimmer Pils is a crisp and refreshing German-style Pilsner, a true lager with a balanced hoppiness.


Neon Shine
Imperial Pilsner
7.1% ABV • 35 IBU
This dazzling attention- grabber glows with the clean character and pleasing bitterness of your favorite German- style Pilsner. Its shimmer is amplified, yielding a golden, noble beer with richness and depth. Let Neon Shine illuminate your situation.


A Love Story
Tmavé Pivo (Czech Dark Lager)
5.6% ABV • 33 IBU
We offer you a love story, brewed to honor and remember our loved ones felled by ALS and to raise funds for ALS research working toward a cure. The beer’s multiple malts give it a rich, bready malt character with hints of chocolate and light caramel. Balanced by moderate bitterness, A Love Story is immensely drinkable and invites reminiscence and celebration.


Pebble Project
Mosaic Pale Ale
5.2% ABV • 38 IBU
Stone by tiny stone, a picture emerges…
In our Mosaic-hopped pale ale, shining facets of flavor and aroma build a beautiful beer. Breathe in papaya, guava, and freshly-bloomed blossoms, each scent an element of the Mosaic hops.


Hola Lola
West Coast IPA
6.7% ABV • 60 IBU
Lola was rescued from the streets of Baja and now frolics in the woods of Santa Cruz when she’s not hanging out at the brewery. We celebrate her arrival with this West Coast IPA that’s vibrant with pine and bursting with notes of grapefruit and pineapple. Exuberant Sultana and Chinook hops romp on a biscuity base of Admiral Maltings’ Maiden Voyage, resulting in a brew that will have you frolicking too.


Jugo Nuevo
Hazy IPA
5.6% ABV • 46 IBU
This new-school hazy IPA is brimming with aromas of tropical fruits. Hops, hops, and more hops were added to this beer throughout the production process to create a distinctively succulent IPA with notes of pineapple and guava. You wouldn’t be blamed if you thought this was some sort of “new juice” rather than a hazy IPA.


Opal Cliffs
Hazy IPA
6.6% ABV • 30 IBU
Capitola’s Opal Cliffs are not made of opals, but in the right light, you might see glints of opalescence. Likewise, this beer glows with gem-like pale golden light. In a kaleidoscope of lemony citrus, mango, passion fruit, and gooseberry, Motueka and Wakalu hops from New Zealand partner with American hops Sabro and Comet to produce a dazzling play of flavors.


De La
Hazy IPA
6.3% ABV • 35 IBU
DeLa Hazy IPA celebrates Delaveaga Park’s world-renowned disc golf course where many of us spend our days off. The beer, soft and full on the palate, is dry-hopped with Citra and a little Amarillo. Aromas of resinous green pine evoke hilly fairways surrounded by pine forest. Juicy oranges, lemon candy, guava, and ripe mango spin and glide over the tongue with little fade. Cheers to tree love and birdies!


6.7% ABV • 35 IBU
Play your part. Scan the code and use your voice. A diversity of American hops all get involved in this IPA, contributing tropical and citrus fruitiness along with a piney, earthy hint of dank.


Icebox Poem
Cold IPA
7.3% ABV • 60 IBU

I drank the IPA
that was in
the icebox.
You were probably saving it
for after work.
It was great,
so crisp
and so cold.

Sultana, Simcoe, and Idaho 7 hops are showcased in this IPA brewed and fermented to emphasize a crisp, clean finish.


Uncle Dave’s
IPA with a Hint of Rye
6.5% ABV • 68 IBU
Is there anyone better to sit around a campfire with, telling stories, IPAs in hand? We think not. Cheers, Uncle Dave! Our Rye IPA has fruity/herbal hop aromas with a substantial supporting maltiness. The rye contributes a hint of peppery spice to this full bodied, complex IPA.


Scenic Stout
Export Stout
7% ABV • 50 IBU
Amazing panoramas await when you take the scenic route. Scenic Stout is a robust yet smooth stout with a rich aroma of bittersweet chocolate. Oats round out its roasty, deep, dark cocoa flavor. Scenic Stout is the way to go.


Good Faith
Strong Ale
9% ABV • 55 IBU
Our old shepherd Faith would’ve made a great brewery dog, but she didn’t live quite long enough. (Dogs never do.) Here’s to her and to all the good dogs. Good Faith is a Strong Ale, with malt derived toffee and dried fruit notes.


Wooden Ruler
Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
13.3% ABV • 88 IBU
Our whiskey barrel-aged imperial stout is dark, rich, and authoritative. Aromas of roasted malt, whiskey, and oak capture your attention, while notes of deep caramel, toasted marshmallow, and fig enthrall your tastebuds. A lingering, roasty bitterness brings all of the elements into triumphant balance.


Ganders Red
Belgian-style Sour Red Ale
8.2% ABV • 9 IBU
Our version of Flanders Red, the famous Belgian Sour Red Ale, is fruity and reminiscent of red wine. A lemony nose leads into tart cherry character on a good malt backbone, with oak notes from the barrels mingling with a suggestion of almonds. 



12oz Cans
$6 to-go/$16 6-pack/$8 for-here

Uncle Dave’s IPA  6.5%

Redwood Mountain Blonde  5.5%


16oz Cans
$6 to-go/$22 4-pack/$8 for-here

*unless otherwise noted

Raspberry Smile – Tart Raspberry Ale  4.7%

Ten Million Flowers – Kolsch-style Ale w/ Orange Peel & Honey  5.9%

Pineapple Cruzer Weisse – Berliner Weisse w/ Pineapple  4.4%

Distance Learning – Altbier (Long Distance Collab w/ Funkwerks)  5.6%

A Love Story – Tmavé Pivo (Czech Dark Lager)  5.6%

Hi Citra! – Single Hop Hazy IPA  7%

Hi Amarillo! – Single Hop Hazy IPA  6.6%

DeLa Hazy IPA  6.3%

Opal Cliffs Hazy IPA  6.6%

Pillowcase – Hazy IPA  6%

Jugo Nuevo – Hazy IPA  5.6%

ParticIPAte – American IPA  6.7%

Hop Bebop – West Coast IPA  6%

Hola Lola – West Coast IPA  6.7%

Icebox Poem – Cold IPA  7.3%

Surfin’ Egret – Double IPA  8.3%
$6.50 to-go/$24 4-pack/$8.50 for-here

Great Uncle Dave’s – West Coast Double IPA  8.5%
$6.50 to-go/$24 4-pack/$8.50 for-here

Stacks of Stars – Hazy Double IPA 8%
$6.50 to-go/$24 4-pack/$8.50 for-here


19.2oz Cans
$5.50 to-go/$20 4-pack/$9 for-here

Pebble Project Mosaic Pale Ale  5.2%

Uncle Dave’s IPA  6.5%

Shimmer Pils  5.3%

Oh Black Lager German-style Schwarzbier  5%

Scenic Stout  7%

Special Bottles & Cans

Captivate – Mixed Culture Saison (750ml bottle  6.6%)  $20

Margarita Road – Tequila Barrel-aged Mexican-style Amber Lager (750ml bottle  6.2% $16 

Barrel-Aged Good Faith Strong Ale (500ml bottle  9.2%$17.50

Yestertimes – Old Ale (750ml bottle  9%$20

Ganders Red – Belgian Sour Red Ale (500ml bottle  8.2%)  $17.50

Three Fawns Bourbon Barrel-Aged Tripel (500ml bottle  9.5%)  $17.50

Wooden Ruler – Barrel-aged Imperial Stout (500ml bottle  13.3%$17.50

Contemplate Brett – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Brettanomyces (500ml bottle  7.6%$15

Contemplate Grapes – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Chardonnay Grapes (500ml bottle  8.4%$15

Contemplate Hops – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Jarrylo & Waimea hops (500ml bottle  7.7%$15


Hard Cider & Wine

Soquel Dry Apple Cider (2216.9oz bottle  7.7%$10.50

Santa Cruz Cider Company Hopped Apple Cider (12oz can  6.9%)  $7.50

WEST + WILDER Sauvignon Blanc (250ml Can  13%$9.95

WEST + WILDER Sparkling Rose (250ml Can  13%$9.95

WEST + WILDER Red Blend (250ml Can  13%$9.95


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Izze Soda  $2.75
Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice  $3.50
Verve Nitro Flash Brew Coffee (7.5oz)  $5.50
Verve Oatmeal Latte  $5.95
Verve Oatmeal Chocolate Latte  $5.95
Pellegrino  $5.95


Kegs To-Go
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