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Today's Selection of Beers and other Beverages

On Draught

Available in 3-oz/10-oz/16-oz glasses
*3-oz/10-oz only

Beer Flight (choose 6) $11


(Prickly) Pear Necessities
Fruited Sour  5%

Italian-style Pilsner  4.9%

Shimmer Pils
German-style Pilsner  5.3%

Redwood Mountain Blonde
Blonde Ale  5.3%

German Summer Ale  5.5%

Oh Black Lager
German-style Schwarzbier  5%

Accordion Man
Oktoberfest Lager  6.1%

Jugo Nuevo
Hazy IPA  5.6%

Uncle Dave’s IPA
Flagship IPA w/ a hint of rye  6.5%

Hola Lola
West Coast IPA  6.7%

Follow the Creek
West Coast IPA  6.8%

Porter Ale 6.2%

Barrel-Aged Good Faith*
Strong Ale 9%

Three Fawns*
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Tripel  9.5%

Contemplate Brett
Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Brettanomyces  7.6%

Ganders Red*
Belgian Sour Red Ale  8.2%


12oz Cans
$6 to-go/$16 6-pack/$8 for-here

Uncle Dave’s IPA  6.5%

Redwood Mountain Blonde  5.5%


16oz Cans
$6 to-go/$22 4-pack/$8 for-here

*unless otherwise noted

Bramble Ramble Tart Blackberry Ale  4.7%

(Prickly) Pear Necessities Fruited Sour  5%

Song In Your Heart English-style Mild Ale  4%

Stefano Italian-style Pils  4.9%

Icebox Poem Cold IPA  7.3%

Hop Bebop West Coast IPA  6%

Follow the Creek West Coast IPA  6.8%

Hola Lola West Coast IPA  6.7%

Jugo Nuevo – Hazy IPA  5.6%

New Tune Hazy IPA  6%

Hi Amarillo! Single Hop Hazy IPA  6.6%

Martian Sky Red IPA  6.9%

Foggy Forest DIPA  8%
*$6.50 to-go/$24 4-pack/$8.50 for-here

Young Rick Triple IPA  10.6%
*$7.50 to-go/$28 4-pack/$9.50 for-here

Bay/Porter Ale  6.2%


19.2oz Cans
$5.50 to-go/$20 4-pack/$9 for-here

Uncle Dave’s IPA  6.5%

Shimmer Pils  5.3%

Pebble Project Mosaic-Hopped Pale Ale  5.2%

Scenic Stout  7%


Special Bottles & Cans

Barrel-Aged Lark Maibock (500ml bottle  11.2%$15

Three Fawns Bourbon Barrel-Aged Tripel (500ml bottle  9.5%$15

Ganders Red – Belgian Sour Red Ale (500ml bottle  10.2%$15

Margarita Road – Tequila Barrel-aged Mexican-style Amber Lager (750ml bottle  6.2% $16

Woodland Critters No.8 – Barrel-Aged Wit with Brett (500ml bottle  6.7%$15

Yestertimes – Old Ale (750ml bottle  9%$20

Contemplate Brett – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Brettanomyces (500ml bottle  7.6%$15

Contemplate Grapes – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Chardonnay Grapes (500ml bottle  8.4%$15

Contemplate Hops – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Jarrylo & Waimea hops (500ml bottle  7.7%$15


Hard Cider & Wine

Soquel Dry Apple Cider (22oz bottle  7.5%$9.50

WEST + WILDER Sauvignon Blanc (250ml Can  13%$9.95

WEST + WILDER Sparkling Rose (250ml Can  13%$9.95

WEST + WILDER Red Blend (250ml Can  13%$9.95


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Izze Soda  $2.75
Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice  $3.50
Verve Flash Brew Coffee (9.5oz)  $5.50
Pellegrino  $5.95


Kegs To-Go
(email or visit the brewery in person to inquire about keg availability)

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