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Available in 16-oz, 10-oz, or 3-oz pours
(*unless otherwise noted)

Beer Flight (choose six 3-oz pours) $11


Raspberry Smile
Tart Raspberry Ale w/ Hibiscus
4.7% ABV • 9 IBU
Raspberries and hibiscus bring happy pink flavors and fruity aromas to this tart and refreshing beer. It tastes like a smile.

State of Gold
California Lager
4.3% ABV • 16 IBU
Eureka! Here’s a clean, crisp lager with both fizz and flavor, immensely drinkable and featuring California-grown malt from Admiral Maltings.


Shimmer Pils®
German-style Pilsner
5.3% ABV • 31 IBU
She has a shimmery depth, like light on the fathomless sea. Our brewer’s wife, Eileen, inspired the name of this beer.  Shimmer Pils is a crisp and refreshing German-style Pilsner, a true lager with a balanced hoppiness.


Giant Dipper
Golden Ale
4.6% ABV • 28 IBU
Since May 17, 1924, the Giant Dipper roller coaster, complete with its landmark red and white structure, spectacular view of the Monterey Bay, and speedy successive dips and fan curves, has kept new and old generations coming back for more. This is an easy-drinking golden ale with bright citrus and floral hop character and a bready malt finish. Full-flavored and refreshing, this is the perfect beer for celebrating a century of Giant Dipper thrills!


Otter Lane
Pale Ale
5% ABV • 33 IBU
Our newest Pale Ale celebrates vibrant and playful ocean life, embodied by our infamous Otter 841 and others at The Lane! Ruby grapefruit and waves of tropical notes on a crackery malt base tumble over to a slightly bitter and refreshing finish. You otter try it!


Wilder Ridge
Rye Lager
5.6% ABV • 26 IBU
Wilder Ridge pours a copper color similar to Uncle Dave’s IPA. This nice malty beer incorporates Pils, Vienna, and Munich malts, with some rye for added earthy complexity. Bitterness and overall hop character are medium/low from Perle and Liberty hops in the boil and whirlpool.


Oh Black Lager®
German-style Schwarzbier
5% ABV • 25 IBU
Oh Black Lager, Keep on Rollin’… The sound of the black lager happily burbling in the brew house brought this song to mind. Similar in style to a German Schwarzbier, this lager is dark brown in color with a roasted malt aroma and a lingering finish.  Its flavor is malty and mellow with a slight roasty edge reminiscent of bitter chocolate.


Jugo Nuevo
Hazy IPA
5.6% ABV • 46 IBU
This new-school hazy IPA is brimming with aromas of tropical fruits. Hops, hops, and more hops were added to this beer throughout the production process to create a distinctively succulent IPA with notes of pineapple and guava. You wouldn’t be blamed if you thought this was some sort of “new juice” rather than a hazy IPA.


Free Day IPA
Hazy IPA
5.7% ABV • 35 IBU
Feel Free! This year’s Free Day IPA is a hazy bursting with hop flavors and aromas of tropical fruits, melon, citrus, and a hint of pine.


Linalool Garden
Hazy IPA
6.5% ABV • 35 IBU
Linalool is one of the aromatic compounds that gives plants, including hops, their scents. It partners with the other terpenes in hops to boost the fruity, floral aromas and flavors of this juicy, hazy IPA. Take your senses on a stroll through Linalool Garden as sweet orange flowers, lime, blueberry, passionfruit, and peach perfume each sip.


Lighthouse Point
West Coast IPA
6.3% ABV • 50 IBU
Lighthouse Point is Santa Cruz’s living room, where waves, open space, and views from the cliffs draw us together. Our new West Coast IPA, with notes of pine, grapefruit, orange peel, pineapple, and fruit loops, invites a communal “Cheers!” to all the delight we find here.


Follow The Creek
West Coast IPA
6.8% ABV • 40 IBU
“Follow the Creek” is always good advice, whether you’re seeking adventure upstream or finding your way home. This IPA will refresh you wherever you end up. Aromas of pine and citrus lead to lemon drops on the palate, enhanced by the sweet, grassy character of California grown and malted pilsner malt.


Uncle Dave’s IPA®
IPA with a Hint of Rye
6.5% ABV • 68 IBU
Is there anyone better to sit around a campfire with, telling stories, IPAs in hand? We think not. Cheers, Uncle Dave! Our Rye IPA has fruity/herbal hop aromas with a substantial supporting maltiness. The rye contributes a hint of peppery spice to this full bodied, complex IPA.


Three Fawns
Bourbon Barrel-aged Tripel
11.8% ABV • 23 IBU
Three Fawns is a Belgian-style tripel aged in Elijah Craig bourbon barrels. A boozy warmth redolent of vanilla, black pepper, and honey, along with soft berry notes, leads into a dry peppery finish influenced by oak.
*3-oz/10-oz only


Her Majesty’s Suitcase
Imperial Porter Ale
13.2% ABV • 30 IBU
Her Majesty’s Suitcase is a beer fit for royalty. Packed with rich aromas of coconut, vanilla, and chocolate,
the sweet nose belies the beer’s strength. One sip reveals a velvety smoothness with notes of graham cracker and molasses. Meticulous blending of choice beers from our barrel-aging program created an Imperial Porter elegant and powerful enough to please both the queen and her porter.
*3-oz/10-oz only


Woodland Critters® No.9
American Sour Wheat Beer
5.8% ABV • 10 IBU
After nine months in neutral David Bruce wine barrels and an additional 13 months of conditioning in stainless steel, this beer features bright acidity with notes of Meyer lemon accented by a light brininess. Mixed fermentation contributed a moderate barnyard funk. The beer finishes dry, with each crisp, refreshing sip inviting another. This beer supports the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, which works to preserve local lands and critters.
*3-oz/10-oz only



12oz Cans

Uncle Dave’s IPA®  6.5%

Redwood Mountain Blonde®  5.5%


16oz Cans

Stefano Italian-style Pilsner  4.9%

State of Gold California Lager  4.3%

Ten Million Flowers Kolsch w/ Orange Peel & Honey  5.9%

Raspberry Smile Tart Raspberry Ale w/ Hibiscus 4.7%

Jugo Nuevo Hazy IPA  5.6%

Linalool Hazy IPA  6.5%

Cement Ship Hazy IPA  6.7%

Magically Transformed Hazy IPA  6.2%

Free Day IPA 2024 Hazy IPA  5.7%

Hooper Beach West Coast IPA  7.4%

Let Me Be Clear West Coast IPA  6.8%

Hola Lola West Coast IPA  6.7%

Local Lion West Coast IPA  6.7%

Times Two Double IPA  8.3%

Stacks of Stars Hazy Double IPA  8%


19.2oz Cans

1st Conversation Saison  5.8%

Giant Dipper Golden Ale  4.6%

Pebble Project Mosaic-Hopped Pale Ale  5.2%

Lighthouse Point West Coast IPA  6.3%

Uncle Dave’s IPA®  6.5%

Shimmer Pils®  5.3%

Oh Black Lager® German-style Schwarzbier  5%

Talk All Night Belgian-style Stout w/ Cacao Nibs  7%


Specialty & Brewer’s Reserve

Contemplate Hops – Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde w/ Jarrylo & Waimea hops (500ml bottle  7.7%$15

Three Fawns – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Tripel  (500ml bottle 10.9%) $19

Woodland Critters No.9 American Sour Wheat Beer (500ml bottle  5.8%) $19


Hard Cider, Hard Kombucha & Wine

Soquel Dry Apple Cider (500ml bottle  7.7%$12.00

Santa Cruz Cider Company Hopped Apple Cider (12oz can  6.9%)  $7.50

Local Roots Hard Kombucha – Purple Haze (12oz can  6%)  $7.50

Local Roots Hard Kombucha – Strawberry Mojito (12oz can  6%)  $7.50

Local Roots Hard Kombucha – Island Vibes (12oz can  6%)  $7.50

WEST + WILDER Sauvignon Blanc (250ml Can  13%$9.95

WEST + WILDER Sparkling Rose (250ml Can  13%$9.95

WEST + WILDER Red Blend (250ml Can  13%$9.95


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Izze Soda  $3.50
Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice  $4.00
Verve Nitro Flash Brew Coffee (7.5oz)  $5.50
Pellegrino (500ml)  $4.00


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