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Exquisite Beer. Farm-to-Table Comfort Food.

The Kitchen at Discretion, located in Discretion Brewing, is under the ownership and direction of Executive Chef Santos Majano. The Kitchen at Discretion serves beer-focused, farm-to-table comfort food made in-house.


March 25, 2019


popcorn  llano seco buttery popcorn, fresh thyme, chili oil, salt  $6

spanish chorizo  toast, house pickles, dijon $10

roasted nuts  rosemary, sea salt $10

roasted brussels sprouts  garlic, fish sauce, parmigiano cheese, fine herbs  $13


pork belly sliders  cabbage slaw, honey-mustard aioli, house pickles  2 for $14

pinnacles farm cauliflower  cured meyer lemon, toasted pecans, chili oil  $13

roasted bok choy  rosemary-honey balsamic, sesame seeds  $11

chicken wings  buttermilk dressing, house pickles  $16

Savory Offerings

caesar salad local greens, house dressing, fine herbs, warm garlic croutons, parmigiano reggiano  $13  add:  pork belly  $6

market risotto scallion scapes, carrots, fried cardoons, brussels sprouts, truffle oil  $17  add: pork belly  $6

fried quail & buttermillk waffles bacon lardon, sweet chili maple, toasted pecans, market citrus  $18

cheddar grits & greens  sharp cheddar, fried brussels sprouts leaves, chili oil, fried farm fresh egg  $18  add: pork belly  $6

pork belly tacos  hand-pressed blue corn tortillas, cilantro, cabbage, pickled onion, chile de arbol salsa  2 for $14

brisket sandwich  whole grain creme fraiche, shredded cabbage slaw, house pickles, potato salad  $17

chili fried rice  roasted broccolini, brussels leaves, shiitake mushrooms, egg, house pickles, soy-citrus reduction, cilantro  $17
add:  pork belly  $6 or brisket  $6

seared flank steak  pinnacle farm new potatoes, sauteed bok choy shoots, herb salsa verde, sea salt  $21

lamb meatballs  heirloom carrot puree, happy boy farm roasted bok choy, rosemary-honey balsamic  $20

Charcuterie & Cheese Board

choose three for $17 or five for $23, served with mustard, house pickles, buttered toast

port pate
duck proscuitto 
cypress grove bermuda triangle

Sweet Bites

churro buttermilk  waffle  cinnamon, market citrus, chocolate ganache, chantilly cream  $10

Refreshers $3.50

san pellegrino limonata or mexican coca-cola

{Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness}

Before starting The Kitchen At Discretion in 2014, Santos Majano was at Soif Wine Bar in Santa Cruz, with five years as Executive Chef. Before that, he cooked at two-Michelin-starred Cyrus in Healdsburg and at Artisan in Paso Robles. Santos grew up in a farming family in El Salvador. A deep respect for seasonal, local ingredients and the farmers who grow them influences his food.

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