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House Rules

Please follow our House Rules to keep our staff and guests safe. Those who won’t comply will be asked to leave. Let’s be patient, considerate, and respectful of others as we all navigate through this time. We’re glad you’re here!


If you feel sick or have been exposed to someone who is, please stay home.


Check in at the host table to order and be seated. If there is a line, stay at least 6 feet away from other guests.


If there are no tables available, give your name and phone # and then wait in your car or elsewhere. You’ll be called when a table is ready for you.


Wear your face mask properly over nose and mouth whenever you are not seated at your table, actively eating or drinking. Please wear your mask while speaking to your server.


6 people per table maximum. We cannot seat larger parties split into multiple tables.


You will be seated by a server when your entire party has arrived. Do not move tables, chairs, or stools. Stay in your seat unless going, masked, to the restroom or to order. Children also must stay seated.


Dogs, if friendly and on a short leash, are currently allowed in the beer garden. They must be kept beside you at your table.


There is a 90 minute time limit if there is a wait list for tables.


Please place your cans and bottles into the recycling can and your trash into the trash can when you are done.


To-go beers are to-go only, not to consume here.


Thank you!

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