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Love Monday Guidelines

Why Love Mondays?

One way to express love is through kindness. Discretion Brewing is committed to being kind to our community. That’s why the word is in our logo, along with wisdom and wit. These are the qualities we hope will define our interactions with each other and with you as we make and share the goodness that is our beer.

On Love Mondays, we recognize and encourage local groups doing extraordinary things by inviting them to join us and share their mission
and making a donation toward their cause.

Objectives of Love Monday

  • Strengthen our community by giving people a chance to share what is important to them.
  • Provide the venue and opportunity for groups to gather over beer and relax, strategize, plan for the future, and celebrate all the good they’ve already done.
  • Encourage those doing good by making a donation to support their work. Our Love Monday program is intended, primarily, to build community and raise awareness. Because we want each event to be participatory between the organization and our customers, we ask that the organization have a presence here all day, setting up an information table and giving some thought to how they can best raise awareness of the good they do in our community. We understand that some groups are not able to commit to a day of outreach. Love Mondays are a great opportunity, though, for those groups that are eager to communicate what they do and why they do it. If your local non-profit group would like to participate in a Love Monday, please follow these guidelines:


Love Monday Guidelines

  • Plan to have an information table, activity (Trivia? Live music? Art project?), display, and anything else you can think of to get the word out about the good work you do.
  • Set up your information table when we open at 11:30 a.m. (We provide the table.) If you do not have enough people to staff it all day, it’s fine to leave it and come back later. Do keep in mind, though, that you are a better spokesperson for your cause than even the finest brochure!
  • Publicize the event to your organization and its supporters.
  • Send us a .png and .jpg version of your logo, which we will use for promotion of your Love Monday.
  • Two weeks before your Love Monday, inform us of what you are planning, how many people you’ve invited, and how many you expect (and when), so we can be prepared.
  • Only one Love Monday per group, per year, please. If your organization is a sub-group of a larger organization, the Love Monday must be for the larger organization. For instance, if you want to raise money for a sports team, department, or grad night at a local high school, the money raised will go to the umbrella non-profit for the school. We are not able to schedule separate Love Mondays for multiple groups under the same umbrella.
  • We are only able to donate to primary organizations, not to individuals or teams raising money for a primary organization.After reading our guidelines and discussing with your group, please answer the following Love Monday application questions and email to:

    Love Monday Application Questions

    What is your organization’s name?

    What is your name?

    What is your role in the organization?

    Website address:

    501(c)3 tax id #:

    Please tell us about your organization:

    What is your mission?

    How do you approach your objectives?

    What motivates you?

    What do you hope for?

    What are your biggest challenges?

    What accomplishments are you most proud of?

    How would you use a Love Monday to educate and build community?

    Is your organization able to commit to the requirements outlined in the guidelines?
    Yes____ No______

    Due to the popularity of the Love Monday program and the high volume of requests, we are not able to guarantee that everyone who applies will be able to participate. We will choose those organizations whose mission and objectives resonate with us and who seem eager to bring energy and creativity to this opportunity.

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